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What are CBD patches?

CBD Living Patches are transdermal patches that deliver a consistent and thorough supply of CBD to the body. Each CBD Patch releases a small amount of CBD over a 96-hour period.

CBD Patches contains naturally sourced organic hemp CBD

How it works

CBD Patches are white patches that you can stick to your skin. Full-spectrum CBD is then absorbed into the bloodstream.

CBD Patches are applied just like a band-aid and are formulated to be waterproof. CBD Patches should be changed every 96 hours.

Why use CBD Patch?

The CBD Living Pain Relief Patch is a transdermal CBD pain patch that delivers 96 hours of relief.

CBD Patches are a great way to target specific areas of pain. Menthol essential oil adds to the patch’s analgesic properties, which include cooling and warming of the skin, to provide deep penetration and relief for sore, tight muscles.

CBD Patches contain a high dose of CBD that is released steadily over a 96 hour period.

Benefits of using CBD Patches:

CBD Patches provide accurate ratios and larger quantities of CBD for absorption into the body.

CBD is released uniformly over a period of 96 hours, providing the consumer long-lasting relief.

Water-resistant Patches remain sticky throughout the day and do not come off when exposed to water for short durations.

These Hemp Patches should not be applied over open wounds or rashes. Consumers should avoid contact with eyes, nose, and mouth as the skin is sensitive in these areas. If contact should occur, rinse immediately with cool water or a saline solution.

Why buy from us?

Our Patches are 100% natural and lab-tested (you can check our Lab Test Results). All products undergo a quality assurance process to guarantee accurate dosing and uniform quality.

A unique Nano-CBD technology is used to extract the cannabinoid from organic hemp plant to make CBD Living Patch. This creates higher bioavailability and allows for better absorption into the body.

Never ingest CBD topicals. They can only be used externally.