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Natural  Foods  Care Package

Natural Foods Care Package

SPA Care Package

Enjoy and save money with this combo that includes a number of CBD Living products. This combo is perfect for discrete CBD use everywhere you go. Keep the products with you at all times so you are never without the healing properties of CBD.

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SPA Care Package

CBD Living offers you the perfect CBD packages. Our packages combine multiple products that can be used in a variety of settings, such as the gym, at home, at work or at your favorite yoga class!

This package contains the top CBD Living products and is perfect for people who ingest CBD on a daily basis. This combo offers a significant savings when buying in bulk and is geared toward active individuals.

The SPA package contains:

  • 24 CBD Living Water
  • 12 CBD Living Soaps (scents will vary)
  • 12 CBD Living Freeze
  • 12 CBD Living Bath Bombs (scents will vary)
  • 6 CBD Living Topical Patches