Our Nano Water vs Water Soluble

Making CBD water soluble increases its compatibility in the body. We go one step further and use nanotechnology to create a product with maximum bioavailability. Our nano amplified, water soluble CBD is engineered in our very own lab using soundwaves to break up CBD clusters into individual particles smaller than 100 nm. This extremely reduced size allows the nano CBD particles to be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Unlike most water soluble CBD products, we do not use any commercial surfactants or emulsifiers. Absolutely no TWEEN ® or Polysorbate! The result? A crisp, clear water with no added flavors or colors needed to mask the taste and appearance of chemical additives.

Nanotechnology and Water Soluble CBD
Water soluble CBD is one of the biggest trends in the industry. But how can CBD be water soluble? Technically, it can’t. The molecule is hydrophobic, meaning water hating. This physical property is unchangeable. However, it can be made to be “water compatible” using various methods. This water compatible CBD appears to fully dissolve in water, making it water soluble for practical purposes. This water compatibility can be achieved in a number of ways. Common methods include using large amounts of commercially produced surfactants or emulsifiers such as lecithins, Polysorbates, and TWEEN ® products. While these work to improve bioavailability, using high concentrations of such additives can compromise the flavor and clarity of the water.

This causes manufacturers to hide the taste and appearance of these man made chemicals by using synthetic food dyes and flavors. The use of surfactants and emulsifiers can also be a concern for chemically sensitive individuals and allergy sufferers, as many lecithins are derived from soy. We create nano amplified water soluble CBD using ultrasonic waves and a small amount of plant derived ingredients. These added ingredients are all natural and encapsulate the individual CBD molecules, to prevent them from sticking together. Without encapsulation, the molecules will clump up, making it harder for it to enter into the bloodstream. When CBD doesn’t make it into the bloodstream, it enters the digestive system, where most of it ends up as waste. In fact, in its traditional state, only about 10% of the CBD consumed ends up getting absorbed. But when CBD is both nano sized and water compatible, it begins entering the bloodstream immediately. Almost 100% is absorbed by the body with effects that can be felt in minutes.

At CBD Living Water, we strive to give you the most bioavailable and naturally pure infused water possible. After making a nanoemulsion of CBD, we add D-ribose, CoQ10, and methyl b12 for maximum wellness. The final product is a crisp, clear water at a perfect pH of 7.4.