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A.M. Day Syrup Cherry flavor

A.M. Day Syrup Cherry flavor

CBD Living Sleep Aid Cherry Flavor - Case

CBD Living Sleep Aid Cherry Flavor - Case

A.M. Day Syrup Grape flavor

CBD AM Syrup is a great way to get your daily dose of CBD first thing in the morning with delicious Grape Flavor.

CBD AM Day Syrups are produced with 100% natural ingredients.

Each 118 mL bottle of CBD AM Day Syrup contains 120 mg of full-spectrum nano-CBD extracts.

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CBD Living Syrups are produced using nanotechnology, which improves bioavailability and increases absorption.

As CBD is non-psychoactive, this syrup will not interfere with your daily routine and will not make you feel dizzy or “high.”

How To Take CBD Living Syrups

If you are unfamiliar with CBD dosing begin with a smaller dose and increase as necessary.

CBD Living AM Syrup should be taken in the morning, as needed. Dosages can be decreased or increased depending on your daily needs.